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Dynamic conversations Customer satisfaction Cost savings Higher containment Achieving higher containment rates depends on a sophisticated virtual assistant. Cutting-edge chatbot/virtual assistant technology can be extremely effective at improving everyday banking experiences. Yet, in 2022, less than 20% of banks and credit unions utilized chatbots. Furthermore, the research firm Phoenix Synergistics reported that only 26% of […]

How to provide banking around the clock—without breaking the bank. Kyle Hellsten, VP of Product, Clinc Inc., has a deep background in banking, starting his career at a customer service call center where he became very familiar with the kinds of questions customers ask. He furthered his banking career with USAA, one of the largest […]

According to Canam Research, 78% of companies using U.S. call centers report plans to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) in their contact centers. And as the pandemic continues to plague businesses across industries, one thing has been made clear—AI is no longer a nice-to-have luxury for enterprises, it’s a necessity. DOWNLOAD THE PDF

An AI innovator explains how conversational AI fosters positive customer experiences. Dr. Yunqi Zhang, Chief Information Officer of Clinc, leads the way in refining conversational AI to a level of sophistication and intuition that elevates it to an almost human-like exchange. Recognized in both academia and industry, Zhang’s cutting-edge research has pushed forward advanced conversational […]

Clinc’s best-in-class technology utilizes natural language processing that understands how people really talk, powering exceptional customer experiences. Finding and selecting the right conversational AI technology is becoming increasingly more difficult. The AI industry is enormous, crowded and filled with antiquated platforms. Significant disruptions in the AI landscape can happen overnight, with yet more advanced AI […]

Despite billions of dollars spent on game-changing technology each year, most banks are still struggling to capture AI’s potential to transform the customer experience. Deciding where to start can be daunting, but there’s no time to lose. COVID-19 has driven traditional banking online; virtual banks are already wooing younger generations; and consumers are choosing brands […]

Teaching Kids the Imitation Game: The Importance of Educating Students about Artificial Intelligence Albert Lee knows a lot about education. As an AI training engineer for Clinc, he spends his days helping grow the company’s artificial intelligence software through machine learning and training data. However, Albert doesn’t only help machines learn. He also devotes a […]

Conversational AI technology leader Clinc today announced its virtual assistant platform has been named the winner of the AI Breakthrough “Best Natural Language Generation Platform” award in the third annual AI Breakthrough Awards program. AI Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization, recognizes the best companies, technologies, products and services in the field of AI today. […]

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