Clinc + Isbank

Clinc and Isbank are revolutionizing Turkish banking with the creation of Maxi, a personal financial assistant that is currently being used by 6 million Turkish-speaking, mobile banking customers, today.


In celebration of their project with Clinc, Isbank has launched a series of commercials promoting Maxi, which have received over 18 million views on youtube.

We’re proud to showcase the work we’ve done to make messy, natural, human-like conversations, in Turkish, a reality for customers at Isbank, giving their entire mobile user base instant access to their financial information with ease.

Views on Youtube
Mobile App Users

Commercials with English Subtitles

Video Thumbnail 1

Maxi - Powered by Clinc Conversational AI

Video Thumbnail 2

Isbank x Clinc: Maxi Commercial

Original Commercials in Turkish

Video Thumbnail 3

Maxi ile Kafan Rahat! - Hesap Bakiyesi

Video Thumbnail 4

Harcama Geçmişi ve İşlem

Video Thumbnail 5

Maxi ile Kafan Rahat! –
Para Transferi

Video Thumbnail 6

Maxi ile Kafan Rahat! -
Harcama Tavsiyesi

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