İşbank used Clinc’s AI Platform to build and deploy
their mobile banking virtual assistant, Maxi, in Turkish,
to 8.2 million customers.

Available to 8.2 million
mobile app users
Monthly user growth
Active users
Interactions per user
Value of transactions

Building Maxi

The Challenge

İşbank wanted to create a robust virtual assistant in Turkish, with the ability to support multi-turn use cases like bill payment and money transfer. İşbank struggled to find a vendor that could accommodate the Turkish language and also provide a platform that gave them the freedom to build complex use cases with contextual awareness.

The Solution

İşbank leveraged the Clinc AI Platform to conduct a rapid cycle of designing, building, and deploying conversational AI. Using Clinc’s technology, Maxi was trained to understand and respond both in written and spoken format in Turkish. Powered by advanced natural language processing, machine learning, and deep neural networks, Clinc’s AI is able to comprehend, recall, and respond to unstructured, everyday human speech.

After only 6 months of building and 2 months of roll-out, the Turkish virtual assistant was deployed to all 8.2 million İşbank mobile app users. The assistant, Maxi, supports basic transactions like bill payment and money transfer, as well as complex personal financial management (PFM) queries like spending advice and more with enriched visuals.

The Result

Unprecedented Customer Adoption

Typical technology rollouts observe steep initial increases in usage followed by a sharp decline and plateau. Clinc shatters this expectation with our conversational AI in production, with not only the number of users steadily growing month over month, but the number of interactions per user as well.

Maxi for Covid

Being Responsive in a Time of Crisis

As coronavirus became a life-threatening pandemic in Turkey, İşbank was able to use Clinc’s advanced technology to release 4 new COVID-related intents in only one week. Thanks to these new capabilities, in just one month, Maxi answered over 1 million questions about the coronavirus pandemic.

Queries in 1 month
Deployed in less
than 1 week
Ratio of COVID-19 queries
to regular Maxi queries
Increase in usage

Deploy a virtual assistant that will deliver ROI in weeks, not months.

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