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Current Customers

Clinc has much more advanced natural language understanding than the big players in the market
Zachary Gipson
Chief Innovation Officer, USAA

Cross-Industry Experiences Built on Clinc

Clinc redefines the conversational AI experience across industries with the only AI capable of delivering conversations superior to offerings from big players.


Call Center

In Car

Drive Thru



Clinc's AI understands messy, unconstrained language, delivering a frictionless and faster drive-through & food ordering experience for your customers.



We've created an entirely new in-car experience. Conversationally enable everything from lane-assist to the owner's manual



Understand complex financial questions and transform them into powerful, actionable insights for your customers.



Delight your customers and realize cost savings with the world's best conversational AI solutions for the call center.

Clinc's AI Platform

The Clinc Platform democratizes conversational AI technology to allow any member of your organization, regardless of background, to design and deploy next-generation conversational experiences for your customers.

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Superior Customer Experience

Human-in-the-room level NLU enables your customers to have messy, natural conversations with an experience that surpasses Google assistant.

Flexible and Secure

Protect your customer’s data and comply with privacy regulations through a secure combination of private cloud and on premise deployments.

Go-to-Market in Days (Not Months)

Pre-built competency archetypes guarantee simplified design while maintaining conversational complexity, significantly reducing training and development efforts.

Democratized Platform

Clinc’s intuitive platform enables any member of your organization, regardless of technical background, to build sophisticated conversational AI experiences in-house.

Clinc AI: Beyond State of the Art

Unbounded, Unconstrained Conversational AI


Clinc’s cutting-edge approach to natural language processing, machine learning and dialogue management deliver an unprecedented conversational experience.

Omni-Channel and Cross Platform


Superpower your conversational experiences by deploying them on any channel including mobile, web, IVR, facebook messenger, home devices and more.

Support for 80+ Languages


Out-of-the-box support for over 80 languages and dialects empower international deployments for any user, and any use case.

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Clinc developed the most advanced A.I. for the banking industry

Award Winning AI

Best in Show 2016
Best in Show 2016
#2 Most Innovative CEO In <br /> Banking 2017
#2 Most Innovative CEO In
Banking 2017
Tech Crunch Disrupt <br /> Main Stage in 2018
Tech Crunch Disrupt
Main Stage in 2018
Best in Show 2017
Best in Show 2017
Advanced Technology Partner
Technology Partner
Frost and Sullivan Award
2019 Technology Leader, AI

Dr. Jason Mars, CEO of Clinc on

Machine Learning for Enterprise


Introducing Conversational AI for Banking



Unveiling the World's Most Sophisticated Conversational Platform


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