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Clinc’s revolutionary conversational AI has been proven successful at some of the biggest banks worldwide. The best-in-class technology utilizes natural language processing that understands how people really talk, powering exceptional customer experiences.

Credit Card

How banks connect on a human level.

Clinc AI understands and follows complex conversations, enabling a vastly superior customer interaction. Customers can check balances, report lost or stolen cards, transfer funds, and gain deep insights into their spending habits in a single, seamless interaction—without ever speaking to a human.

  • Successful large-scale deployments
  • Rapid customer adoption
  • Cloud and on-premise deployment options
  • Seamless plug-and-play integration with existing systems
  • Scalable, repeatable improvement across all KPIs
  • Nimble technology enables swift deployments
  • Hands-on support and training ensure a successful launch
  • Language agnostic — Clinc works with any and all languages

The Benefits

Reduce Live Agent Reliance

Automate your most frequent customer requests and deliver immediate ROI.

Improve CSAT

The less time customers spend waiting to hear from you, the happier they get.

Decrease Customer Churn

Through truly personalized interaction, you will improve retention and create a loyal base of customer advocates.

Minimize Operational Costs

Eliminate expenses associated with managing and scaling customer service teams.

Customer Satisfaction

With an average 82% CSAT across all of our live deployments, your customers are going to love a virtual assistant built with Clinc.

Containment Rate

Clinc technology has a 95% containment rate, demonstrated in interactions with over 10 million users in a production environment.


Isbank deployed to over 8 million users in native Turkish in only 6 months. Maxi’s experience boasts an average of 2.5 million active users and consistent growth rates month over month.

You’re In Good Company


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