Understand Your Customers
Like Never Before

Automated Digital Experiences That Feel
Like a Human-in-the-Room

Groundbreaking Science & Technology behind the

Leading Virtual Assistants to
Automate Banking Self-Service

Quickly deploy a bank-at-home offering with
a production-ready virtual assistant your
customers will love.

95% First Contact Resolution

Clinc’s tech has a 95% containment rate in
production across over 10 million users.
Less call volume means more time for your
agents to focus on what matters most while
delivering immediate ROI for your institution.

Have Your Virtual
Assistant Up & Running
in as Little as 3 Weeks

Our out of the box offering is pre-built for
financial services and ready to answer your
customer’s most urgent questions.

Realize 82%
Customer Satisfaction

With an average 82% CSAT across all of our live
deployments, your customers are guaranteed to
love a virtual assistant built on Clinc. Our
advanced AI is capable of having multi-turn
conversations that your customers can speak to
like they would a human-in-the-room.

You’re Busy Enough:
Enjoy Effortless
Integrations & Fully
Remote Deployments

We’ve adapted to a new normal with COVID19
and can get you to production quickly, remotely
and with zero overhead for your institution.

Virtual Assistants Like You’ve Never Seen

The Clinc Difference


What the Market is Saying

Get your customers the answers they need,
when they need them.

24/7 Customer Service with
95% First Contact Resolution

Our offering comes complete with the following
topic areas & more so you can automate:

Our Partners & Customers

Success in Production

Unprecedented Customer Adoption

Typical technology rollouts observe step initial increases in usage followed by a
sharp decline and plateau. Clinc shatters this expectation with our conversational
AI in production, with not only the number of users steadily growing month over
month, but the number of interactions per user as well.


You Won't Believe What You Can Build

The Clinc AI Platform is a next-generation end-to-end
conversational AI solution with everything you need to build
remarkable AI, deploy it to real users, and monitor its success.

Our Technology

The distinct technology powering Clinc’s AI enables us to reduce conversational design and deployment time while delivering a more powerful and natural conversational experience than anything else on the market today.

Our Approach

Clinc’s unique approach to building conversational AI focuses on providing end-to-end solutions that take an iterative approach to AI and our patented method of quickly generating substantial volumes of high-quality data.

End-to-End Model Development

Clinc’s platform’s feature set supports end-to-end production model development including rapid data generation, full model testing, a robust integration suite and comprehensive analytics dashboards.

Enterprise Support

Our platform is designed to support the complex needs of large enterprises, including user management, SSO, on-premise and cloud implementations and more.

Are You Ready to Start Automating Digital Self-Service with the
Most Robust AI Tech on the Market Today?