The difference is a virtual no-brainer.

While chatbots and virtual assistants may appear to be similar technologies, they are very different. Chatbots are built on early-gen technology, with simple functionality that often frustrates customers. With conversational AI advancing leaps and bounds, end-user expectations are growing for a more intuitive, natural experience. Enter Clinc’s virtual assistants. These cutting-edge and pre-built solutions are a big step up from a chatbot, helping you tackle the most challenging customer conversations, automatically.

We Believe

Chatbot: Early-gen tech


Virtual Assistant: Cutting-edge tech

  • Large coverage but poor containment rate
  • No conversational turns or context retention
  • FAQ style with simple responses such as a direct link to external resources
  • Limits experience due to clear bot behavior and response limitations
  • Functional experience, but not exceptional
  • Easier to build, hard to make robust
  • Large coverage and 85%+ containment
  • Conversational turns with context retention
  • Self-service first with personalized responses, FAQ as needed
  • Closer to an agent experience
  • Functional and natural experience that drives adoption
  • Harder to build, but easier to make robust

Whether you are looking for an out-of-the-box banking virtual assistant or would like to customize a conversational AI solution from the ground up, Clinc offers the tools you need to drive customer adoption, reduce service agent workload and generate more return on engagement.

Ready to start exploring the most robust AI Tech on the planet?

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