You can take this to the bank.

Quickly deploy a bank-from-home offering with Clinc Virtual Banking Assistant. Your Post Authenticated customers will be blown away by the expectation-crushing AI that automates conversations in their channel of choice for voice and chat. Say no to simple chatbots that can frustrate customers and start providing real conversations

24/7 Customer Access

Clinc’s Virtual Banking Assistant is always on and ready to assist your customers. Answer questions, provide electronic banking support or conduct transactions over voice and chat - automatically.


Clinc’s Virtual Banking Assistant sits behind your authentication, so there’s no additional steps for your customers to begin interaction immediately.


Clinc tech integrates with both your front and back-end systems as well as your BL.

Drive Engagement to Boost Revenue

Our powerful and cutting-edge customer experience is proven to increase customer acquisition. Leveraging data from our solution enables our clients to run targeted ads and provide tailored product recommendations.

Scale at a Lower Cost

Whether you have 3 requests or 3,000,000 you can rely on Clinc’s Virtual Banking Assistant to provide reliable service with 82% CSAT and 90% containment rates. No need to balance staffing, keeping costs down and service levels more predictable.

Omni-Channel Support

Deploy the Clinc Virtual Banking experience with ease while maintaining complete control of deployment across multiple channels, including Alexa, web messenger and mobile apps.

Our Technology

Messy Language

Messy Language. No Problem.

Our AI learns patterns in speech to recognize slang and understand contextual clues. This means your customers can speak to it as they would speak to a human, messy, natural and conversational.

Conversational Healing

Conversational Healing

Clinc’s tech enables your customer to change the information they’ve provided or are seeking at any point in the conversation. Other solutions force them to start over, frustrating your customers and creating a negative experience.

Context Retention

Context Retention

Whether your customers are starting a new conversation or picking up where they left off before, our technology retains history, ensuring customers feel remembered and understood.

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