Beyond State of the Art:

Innovation in the Science of Conversational AI

Before Clinc became the leading conversational AI platform provider for enterprises, it was a research endeavor built on the hypothesis that conversational AI technology could drastically transform to reduce design and deployment time while delivering a higher quality, more natural conversational experience. The world was ready for something better, so we created Clinc.

Clinc’s patented technology stack was built entirely from the ground up and in-house.

tech stack

No Keywords.

No Scripts.

No Rules.

A Novel Approach to Conversational AI:

Holistic Deep Learning Approach

Clinc's distinct approaches to intent classification, slot value extraction and named entity recognition deliver the best possible experience for our customers.

computer vision

Clinc's Approach to Dialogue Management

Dialogue management and response logic are decoupled to enable an unlimited number of conversational turns.

Control edges with the information you've collected so far, parameterized so you can encode logic separately.

Add information in any order and speak in a free-form, unconstrained way.

Technology Stack Highlights

Powerful AI Engines

Train your AI with Clinc’s 8 Artificial Intelligence Engines to process a user’s request from query utterance to final system response, accurately.

Personalities and Customization

Customize responses to tailor the experience to a variety of demographics and audiences in a style that fits your unique brand voice.

Experiential Learning

The AI system continues to learn by investigating queries that were mis-predicted or incorrectly analyzed with our advanced analytical tools.

NLP and Conversation Management

End-to-end recurrent and bi-direction LSTM neural network architectures trained by an initial set of crowd-derived (or internally sourced) utterances.

Start Building a Clinc-grade Experience Yourself

We believe you will never consider another conversational AI solution after trying Clinc.