Generate more return on engagement.

When your customers are fully engaged, good things happen. Questions are quickly answered. Transactions are easily made. Loyalty is built. And ROI is generated. An exceptional customer experience makes it all possible. And we know exactly how to do it.

The Clinc team will guide you from inception to launch and it doesn’t stop there. We’ll never stop asking “What else can we do for you?” Because we never stop thinking of ways to help your company succeed. We know that customer satisfaction is a 24/7 business, so we’re always on call, too.

Best in Class
Best-in-Class Conversational AI Platform

Drastically decrease maintenance and testing work by enabling any member of your organization, regardless of technical background, to build end-to-end conversational experiences on the platform.

Quick Deployment

Quick Deployment

With Clinc Virtual Banking Assistant, our pre-built virtual assistant, you can take advantage of over 30 financial services related capabilities to maximize ROI in weeks, not months.

Customer Service

Dedicated Customer Excellence Team

Your Clinc engagement includes professional support hours— experienced advice on conversational design and development, assistance with Clinc stack deployment, and error troubleshooting.

Platform Training

Platform Training

Your team will be trained to develop premier-grade conversational experiences with full autonomy as well as the ability to easily execute development tasks on the platform.

Easier banking is just a conversation away with the U.S. Bank Smart Assistant. Customers use voice or type on the U.S. Bank app to securely transfer money, make payments, inquire about their spending and more. All powered by Clinc Technology.

İşbank leveraged the Clinc AI Platform to conduct a rapid cycle of designing, building, and deploying conversational AI. Using Clinc’s technology, Maxi was trained to understand and respond both in written and spoken format in Turkish. Powered by advanced natural language processing, machine learning, and deep neural networks, Clinc’s AI is able to comprehend, recall, and respond to unstructured, everyday human speech.

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