Interactive Voice Response

It’s time to give your customers a more human-level of conversation when calling into your business, without the wait times. Traditional touch-tone Interactive Voice Response systems leave customers frustrated and misunderstood. Clinc’s IVR system leverages our patented conversational AI technology, which powers virtual banking assistants at banks and credit unions of all sizes.

Our best-in-class technology generates exceptional customer experiences that build loyalty and drive down costs. Utilizing our technology, you can maximize your customer experience by providing answers through conversations—not pressing buttons.

24/7 Support

Increase Efficiency


Easy Integration

Seamless, Out-of-the-Box Integrations

We ensure that our IVR-specific integrations work within your existing architecture so you can provide the most value to customers. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with core banking systems, Amazon Connect, and Genesys.


Amazon Connect



The Power of Clinc IVR

Save Time for Customers & Employees – Our solution is
easier and faster than traditional (and frustrating) touch-tone
IVR systems. Customer self-service is available 24/7, and
accessible to non-digital users.

Increase Efficiency – Realize dramatic reductions in call center call volume by enabling your customers to self-serve all of
their most frequent banking requests by simply speaking,
without sacrificing their experience.

Complement Existing Solutions – Let our technology take on
basic requests but be confident that if things get too complex,
it will automatically offer an agent handover, keeping your
customers happy and employees efficient.

Minimize Costs – Nearly 90% of banking calls are not automated today. Our IVR system saves staff time. For one
agent working over 80 hours per month, typical savings of
$1 a minute adds up to $60,000 annually.

Scale at a Lower Cost – Whether you have three requests or three million, you can rely on our IVR to provide reliable
service with 85% CSAT and 92% containment rates. No need
to balance staffing, keeping costs down and service levels
more predictable.

Fast Implementation

Getting your IVR system up and running is easy, and takes only four weeks to go live.

More Return on Engagement

When your customers are fully engaged, good things happen. Questions are quickly answered. Transactions are easily made. Loyalty is built. And ROI is generated. An exceptional customer experience makes it all possible. And we know exactly how to do it.

What can our IVR system help your customers do?

  • Account & Routing Number
  • ATM Finder
  • Hours & Locations
  • Cancel or Replace Card
  • Card Rewards
  • Agent Handover
  • Application Status
  • Automatic Payments
  • Automatic Withdrawals
  • Branch Appointment
  • Card Error
  • Contact Us
  • Credit Report
  • Describe Accounts
  • Electronic Banking
  • Direct Deposit
  • Eligibility
  • Notary Services
  • Open Account
  • Order Checks
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Mobile Check Deposit
  • Reset PIN & Password
  • System Upgrade
  • Travel Note
  • Wire Transfer
  • Freeze Card
  • Get Balance
  • Get Transactions
  • Lost Card
  • Payment Information
  • Spending Advice
  • Spending History
  • Dispute Transaction
  • Unlock Card
  • Update Account
  • Information
  • VA Capabilities (What can you do?)
Money Movement
  • P2P (Zelle, CashApp, etc.)
  • Make Payment
  • Funds Transfer


  • Down Payment
  • Home Purchase
  • Income Requirements
  • Pre-Approval
  • Qualifying Documents

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