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GDC 2019: Clinc unveils voice AI that is designed to understand natural language in games March 22, 2019

Technology firm Clinc has unveiled an artificial intelligence voice for game studios that can understand natural language.

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AI Automated Order Takers May Reshape the Future of Drive-Through Restaurants

Medill Reports Chicago March 21, 2019

The next time when you shout into the ordering box at a drive-through, you might not be talking to a human but an automated order taker.

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Getting A Bank To Chat Through Tech Takes Specialized Expertise

Forbes February 27, 2019

Getting computers to talk finance with banking customers by voice or text is a big challenge, as anyone who has encountered a bank chatbot knows. Jason Mars, co-founder and CEO of Clinc, said conversational AI is just at the frontier of its potential.

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Ford taps Clinc for conversational AI in autos

VentureBeat January 18, 2019

Clinc, a four-year-old conversational AI startup, is teaming up with Ford to power voice recognition in the Detroit automaker’s cars. The two companies announced the collaboration today during the Detroit Auto Show

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Clinc Brings Conversational AI to Turkey’s Isbank

Finovate December 19, 2018

U.S.-based Clinc and Turkish private bank Isbank have launched the “world’s second-largest” mobile banking voice assistant with over six million users, reports Antony Peyton of FinTech Futures (Finovate’s sister publication).

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Clinc and Isbank unleash AI-powered app in Turkey

BankingTech December 19, 2018

US-based Clinc and Turkish private bank Isbank have launched the “world’s second-largest” mobile banking voice assistant with over six million users.

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Clinc Releases SaaS Platform for its Voice AI Assistant

TechCrunch September 5, 2018

Clinc co-founder and CEO Jason Mars just  revealed a platform to give developers access to the conversational AI. The company says it’s easy enough for developers with little to no experience in machine learning to build with Clinc’s products.

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Clinc Announces Expansion into the QSR Vertical

The Spoon July 31, 2018

Clinc, which has spent the past two years creating AI voice controls for financial services companies, is looking to expand into the quick-service restaurant (QSR) sector to augment the voice control capabilities of drive-thru windows and in-store ordering kiosks.

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Al-enabled drive-thru technology redefining the ordering experience

Fast Casual July 27, 2018

The system, designed to handled the most convoluted orders, not only eliminates ordering mishaps but also condenses the time elapsed between when an order is placed and when food is handed off.


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More Than Your Average AI

BankDirector June 7, 2018

$155 billion asset USAA uses Clinc’s technology to offer broader conversations and analysis than just binary sort of answers.

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Clinc Announces Partnership with IŞBank

Financial IT June 7, 2018

İşbank’s Ceren Sayar and Eren Hukumdar .. announce their expanded partnership and upcoming launch of İşbank’s new call center initiatives powered by Clinc’s world-class conversational AI.

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Ring’s Jamie Siminoff and Clinc’s Jason Mars to join us at Disrupt SF

TechCrunch May 22, 2018

AI has the potential to change everything, but there is a fundamental disconnect between what AI is capable of and how we interface with it. Clinc has tried to close that gap with its conversational AI …

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Will Voice Banking Become Mainstream? [VIDEO]

Business Innovation April 9, 2018

How are banks going to interact with their customers in the next five years? In the next ten? … [Voice] is going to be the key platform for the next five to ten years, there’s no doubt …

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Clinc Wants to Solve Financial Institutions’ AI Problems

Business Insider March 12, 2018

Clinc announced the launch of a new self-service platform, Spotlight, that enables FIs to train and deploy sophisticated conversational AI software in-house, independently of vendors.

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Clinc Empowers Banks to Train Their Own AI Experience

Fintech Finance March 9, 2018

Clinc, the leading conversational artificial intelligence platform for financial institutions, today announced from Finovate Europe, the launch of Spotlight, its self-service AI platform that leverages Clinc’s novel machine learning infrastructure and technology and puts the power of world-class conversational design into the hands of banks for the first time.

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How Artificial Intelligence is Going to Affect the Financial Industry in 2018

Forbes February 26, 2018

Clinc has developed a conversational AI platform for financial institutions that is like a more advanced “Siri for your bank account” or a “Google Now for your finances” …


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Banks Using Clinc Can Chat With Customers Through Mobiles, Alexa or Google Home

Forbes January 23, 2018

We contacted Clinc in May or June and we decided to make a pilot because their product was 100 percent what Isbank was looking for…

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Is A.I. the Key to the Future of Your Business?

The New York Times December 11, 2017

IF JASON MARS HAS HIS WAY, no one will have money problems ever again. We’ll all be diligent savers, with robust retirement portfolios, never losing track of what goes in and out of our bank accounts.

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Prof. Jason Mars is Bringing Smart Banking to Market

Prof. Mars, who has led the company in building on research findings from studies at UM into a company with a category-leading commercial offering, was named #2 in Bank Innovations’s “10 Most innovative CEOs in Banking 2017” list.

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Clinc Goes Global With Deployments in Six Countries, Signs Deal with Turkey’s Biggest Private Bank

Finovate November 1, 2017

Clinc’s natural language platform, Finie, is now deployed in six countries and in 80 different languages. The partnership with Isbank alone will put Clinc’s technology in the hands of more than 4.5 million app users.

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Clinc’s A.I. Goes Global in Deal with Turkey’s Largest Private Bank

XConomy October 31, 2017

Last week, at the Money 20/20 conference, Clinc hit another milestone with the announcement that it will partner with Isbank, the largest private bank in Turkey, to bring its technology to the institution’s more than 5.5 million users.

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The United States Of Fintech: The Most Well-Funded Fintech Startup In Each State

CBInsights October 26, 2017

Clinc Inc is one of the most well-funded fintech startups in US and the most well-funded fintech startup in Michigan.

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A London Office And B2C Product, AI Fintech Clinc Has Big Plans

Bank Innovation October 26, 2017

Fresh after winning “Best in Show” at Bank AI a few weeks ago, Clinc announced at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas yesterday a new partnership with Turkey’s largest bank IsBank, to integrate its conversational A.I. platform into the bank’s mobile app.

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CEO of Clinc Named #2 for Top 10 Most Innovative CEOs in Banking 2017

Bank Innovation September 27, 2017

10 Most Innovative CEOs in Banking 2017 By Bank Innovation.

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USAA Rolls Out Innovative Conversational AI Solution

The Financial Brand August 2, 2017

Going beyond traditional rules-based voice or chatbot digital banking solutions, a non-bot, natural language banking experience is being offered to USAA members in an Amazon Alexa pilot with Clinc.

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USAA Rolls Out Conversational Alexa Skill Using Clinc AI

Bank Innovation August 2, 2017

USAA members will now be able to bank via Amazon Alexa, skipping all of the typical command memorization necessary for learning a new skill, thanks to conversational artificial intelligence built out by AI platform Clinc, the companies announced today.

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USAA pilots conversational AI on Amazon Alexa

Finextra August 2, 2017

Military bank USAA is tapping AI technology from Clinc for a pilot that will let members check their balances and spending patterns by talking to Amazon’s Alexa.


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USAA lets members bare their financial souls to Alexa

American Banker August 2, 2017

USAA chose virtual assistant software company Clinc to generate Alexa’s responses because of how forgiving its conversational interface is, Jones said.

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Meet Clinc, An AI Startup That Lets You Converse With Your Bank Account

VentureBeat February 22, 2017

Clinc has raised a $6.3 million funding round led by Drive Capital, with participation from Hyde Park Venture Partners, Cahoots Holding …

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Clinc raises a $6.3M Series A to advance its AI for banking platform

TechCrunch February 22, 2017

The company is today announcing it closed a $6.3 million Series A led by Drive Capital and joined by Hyde Park Venture Partners, Cahoots Holdings and Boston’s Stuart Porter. This round brings the total raised to $7.75 million since its founding in July 2015.

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The Digital Money Forum at CES

Breaking Banks January 27, 2017

The First Global Fintech Podcast featuring Dr. Jason Mars, Dr. Diane Change, Karen Webster, Jean Chatzky, Cheryl Nash, Jeff Makowka, and Michael Lawlor.

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The Use of AI in Banking is About to Explode

The Financial Brand January 17, 2017

Without a limited template of basic questions or tasks, it is believed consumers will become more engaged.

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With Finie, Apple’s Siri could transform banking

Computerworld January 13, 2017

The cloud-based technology that can be integrated into existing apps – Citi, Visa and Intuit are already working to put it inside their banking apps.

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Your Brain on AI

PYMNTS January 12, 2017

But Finie is capable of knowing much more and about a wider variety of topics … that could be employed across a whole host of verticals.

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How Clinc Developed The Most Advanced A.I. For The Banking Industry

Forbes October 24, 2016

… The intelligent personal assistant is a remarkable natural language processing engine that has specifically trained its applications with a deeper knowledge of the financial and banking industry.

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Looking for a Choice of Voices in A.I. Technology

The New York Times October 9, 2016

Mr. Mars’s start-up is part of a growing high-tech field called conversational computing … Conversational computing is holding a mirror to many of society’s biggest preconceptions around race and gender.

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Chatbots Take One Small Step Forward to True AI with Personetics, Clinc

BankInnovation September 13, 2016

This ability to actually dialogue with customers … is a critical step for the future development of bots. A current gap Finie, a “finance genie” also debuted at Finovate and created by year-old startup Clinc, aims to bridge.

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A Hot New App Is Hoping to Change the Way You Manage Your Money

Business Insider September 12, 2016

Clinc was a hit at Finovate Fall, which featured a who’s who of the financial technology world.

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Look Out, Siri: This Ann Arbor Startup Is Revolutionizing Artificial Intelligence

Concentrate August 24, 2016

The emphatic response Lucida has drawn so far seems to further validate Laurenzano’s choice. Tang says the Lucida team has received inquiries from numerous industries requesting an industry-specific AI assistant.

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U-M Startup Clinc is on a Mission to Democratize A.I. Technologies

XConomy August 5, 2016

[Clinc] focuses on natural language processing to mimic human intelligence and communication. Because the company’s platform automatically learns over time, it’s not dependent on continual coding to grow.

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Voice Control Will Force an Overhaul of the Whole Internet

Wired March 24, 2015

Ultimately, that’s why Mars is running his [Lucida] project. The Apples and Googles and the Microsoft know how this new breed of service operates, but the rest of the world doesn’t. And they need to.

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Researchers Just Built a Free, Open-Source Version of Siri

VentureBeat March 14, 2015

Some startups have been striving to develop their own smart assistants, but none has yet been able to challenge Apple, Google, or Microsoft. …following the arrival of [Lucida], that could change.

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