Own Your Voice

Clinc's AI Training Platform enables you to build superior conversational experiences, with Clinc-grade commercial deployments in a matter of weeks.

Own Your Voice Own Your Voice


accuracy in natural language understanding

2 hours

to get teams onboarded and start building


cost savings with integrated crowdsourcing

Quick Configuration, Seamless Deployment

Quickly and easily integrate your business logic with webhooks, control user management, and deploy on any channel, for any use case.

config config
Intuitive Design

Platform is easy to use, regardless of background, enabling rapid design of robust conversational capabilities. Versioning allows for increased accuracy and drastically decreases engineering overhead for maintenance and testing.

design design
Competency Archetypes

Out-of-the-box competency archetypes provide a proven structure to create best-in-class conversational AI experiences and streamline customer journeys.

competencies competencies
Concrete Insights and Analytics

Continuously improve the quality of your AI with our detailed dashboard metrics. Competency breakdowns, latency metrics, activity logs and out-of-scope tracking analyze users’ behavior and engagement.

insights insights
Efficient Data Collection and Curation

Internal and external crowdsourcing dramatically increases scalability and accelerates time to market by collecting and curating large amounts of data without devoting hours.

curation curation
Flexible Deployment Model

Clinc's on-premise, cloud based, and hybrid deployment models ensure increased security, complete control over client data and customizable implementations to eliminate any risks within your organization.

flexible flexible

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