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The Clinc AI Platform is a next-generation end-to-end conversational AI solution with everything you need to build remarkable AI, deploy it to real users, and monitor its success.

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Reduction in development time with embedded crowdsourcing


A Unique Approach to Dialog Management

The create section of our platform is an all-in-one workspace to visualize and build sophisticated conversations. With our intuitive workflow, you can drag transitions, create states, manipulate the conversational flow and train your AI all within the state graph. You can even collect and curate data, and add that data to your transitions and classes, within this view.

This approach results in an AI that retains context across turns, states and complex conversational flows. Our conversational healing abilities support natural correcting and backtracking to “heal” mistakes made in the conversation.

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Rapid & Powerful Testing Automation

The Clinc AI Platform is built with powerful testing suites that enable you to rapidly and automatically test both end-to-end full dialog and individual models at once. We scan for errors and automatically notify you if something has failed, providing a feedback mechanism for improving your models.

Our next-generation testing functionality also streamlines the process of re-running tests, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to prepare for each release.

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Build Once, Deploy All

Clinc’s launch suite enables you to build a single AI model and deploy it on any channel. This significantly reduces development time and enables you to provide a consistent conversational AI experience across your digital touchpoints.

The Clinc AI Platform also enables you to deploy your models in over 80 languages, unlocking accessibility to new markets and demographics.

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Actionable Analytics

The Clinc Platform offers an advanced set of analytics dashboards; from AI version testing and competency breakdowns, to query logs and insights on user behavior across channels.

These dashboards enable you to understand user behavior, automatically identify future use cases and leverage data that will automatically improve your models over time.

The Clinc Platform gives you the tools to constantly and automatically analyze, iterate and improve upon your AI, saving you time and creating a better experience in the process.

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