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Clinc’s conversational AI platform is a patented technology stack we built from the ground up with state-of-the-art natural language understanding and machine learning. The platform’s experiential learning ensures the AI improves and grows over time and use. It all comes together in an AI that can be deployed rapidly because of the included pre-programmed features and intents.

The Power of AI Simplified

Only basic technical knowledge is needed to develop customized conversational experiences, using an incredibly intuitive tool within an elegant user interface.

Rapid Speed-to-Market

Your team can build out production-grade, humanlike conversations covering unlimited use cases within weeks, leveraging crowdsourced data, end-to-end testing and user experience monitoring using data insights.

Omni-Channel Support

Develop production-ready, 100% autonomous custom conversational experiences on the Clinc platform, maintaining complete control of deployment across multiple channels and apps.

Enterprise Support

Our platform is designed to support the complex needs of large enterprises, including user management, SSO, on-premise and cloud implementations and more.

Our Technology

Messy Language

Messy Language. No Problem.

Our AI learns patterns in speech to recognize slang and understand contextual clues. This means your customers can speak to it as they would speak to a human, messy, natural and conversational.

Conversational Healing

Conversational Healing

Clinc’s tech enables your customer to change the information they’ve provided or are seeking at any point in the conversation. Other solutions force them to start over, frustrating your customers and creating a negative experience.

Context Retention

Context Retention

Whether your customers are starting a new conversation or picking up where they left off before, our technology retains history, ensuring customers feel remembered and understood.

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