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Founded by researchers, built for enterprise

The Clinc story has its roots in a research collaboration project between a group of PhDs at the University of Michigan. Having recognized that conversational AI had made few significant advances in the decade since the advent of Siri, the team believed that cutting-edge breakthroughs in computing technology combined with Natural Language Processing held the key to a new frontier in conversational AI technology.


Clinc Core Values

Customer Obsession

We believe that at our core, delighted users and customers are the primary driver of our success at Clinc.

Trust & Accountability

We believe that the foundation of our relationships are built on trust, and on that foundation we build our future.

Quality & Execution

We believe in delivering the highest quality results through flawless execution, innovation, and continuous improvement of our products, people, and process.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that everyone should have a voice and strive to make a conversational AI that understands and supports all people by embracing and celebrating our differences.

Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

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200 S. First Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan