Author: Cooper Lower

Let’s be honest. These are unprecedented times.  As the world struggles in the midst of COVID-19, we know many of you may be struggling to provide quality customer service while also keeping your employees safe. In a time of social distancing, businesses across all industries need automated self-service now more than ever. Conversational AI is […]

It all started in early 2010 when Apple purchased an app called Siri and soon after launched the voice assistant on iPhones – catapulting the popularity of voice AI and normalizing virtual assistants for the masses. Soon after Siri, the world was introduced to the likes of Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana – […]

Is your company ready to take customer interaction to the next level? All signs point to positive customer experience (CX) as the driving force behind customer acquisition and reduction of churn. So, how will your business keep up with ever-increasing demands from consumers for real-time responses and satisfaction? A 2017 report from CMO Council titled […]

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