Conversational UI

Is your company ready to take customer interaction to the next level? All signs point to positive customer experience (CX) as the driving force behind customer acquisition and reduction of churn. So, how will your business keep up with ever-increasing demands from consumers for real-time responses and satisfaction? A 2017 report from CMO Council titled […]

As the world of marketing and customer service becomes increasingly automated, AI assistants (driven by artificial intelligence) and conversational UIs (user interfaces that mimic human interaction) are becoming more pertinent to small, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses. Automated assistants, which began as extremely rudimentary versions of a phone tree, – “Press 1 for your balance, or […]

Virtual assistants are steadily gaining in popularity, with an estimated 40% of all mobile interactions due to be carried out by mobile assistants by the year 2020. The convenience and speed of these assistants have set a new standard for customer service that cannot be ignored. Customers now expect things to move quickly and be […]

When you’re not an expert on a given technology, tech talk can get confusing fast. If you’re a business leader looking into conversational user interfaces, you probably want to understand the product you’re investing in and how it can help you—  preferably without having to get a second degree. These five videos provide a painless way […]

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