Finie: Experience The Clinc Difference


Finie: Experience The Clinc Difference

Messy Language

Clinc has the ability to understand natural and unconstrained language in the way that people tend to speak in their everyday lives. Virtual assistants, like the ones you see from competitors, use grammar and linguistic rules that determine parts of speech tagging and keywords. But the problem with this approach is people do not tend to speak in this structure. 

Clinc’s technique is a purely data-driven approach that allows our machine learning models to identify semantic patterns in speech that ultimately results in an experience where the AI can understand slang, and messy language.

Context Matters

Clinc’s tech is able to maintain context throughout a conversation, as the user jumps from one topic to another. This is what creates that human in the room experience that other virtual assistants in the market are unable to do. In the demo above, as the narrator asks about spending history, Clinc is able to maintain the context that he was still referring to Ann Arbor in the last year for food and drink whereas those variables were completely ignored by the competing virtual assistant. 

Conversational Healing

Lastly, Clinc’s ability to allow a user to go back and update pieces of information in the conversation without starting over is a technical differentiator we’ve coined conversational healing. 

Often when users want to confirm an order or are filling out a form, they may change their mind or realize they need to change certain pieces of information. With other virtual assistants, when the user does this it will break the model and bring them back to the starting point of the conversation. Because of the way Clinc has designed our conversational AI, which does not use scripts or decision trees, we are able to allow the user to go back and heal the conversation.

Clinc’s goal with our conversational AI is to create a true human in the room experience. For every prototype demo or virtual assistant that we create, the gut check is always “is this as competent as a human?” This exceedingly high expectation continually drives us to innovate and differentiate our tech from the rest of the industry. To learn more about Clinc, you can visit

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