Automate Customer Communications Without Sacrificing Experience

Automate Customer Communications Without Sacrificing Experience

As the business world continues to grapple with the effects of COVID-19, we know call center volumes are surging, employees are overwhelmed, and customers are trying, unsuccessfully, to get in contact with their bank. 

We know automated digital self-service can help alleviate these pain points for financial service companies by opening a two-way communication channel without draining human resources. Now, more than ever, it’s important to provide your customers with a conversational AI experience that’s as robust as talking to a human in the room. 

Clinc was built to ease the business disruptions caused by crises like COVID-19. Our pre-built, out of the box offering is tailor-made for financial services, can plug into your existing channels immediately, and most importantly, will provide your customers with an experience that they can trust and enjoy. 

Why are we different? 

We can confidently say we have the most conversational virtual agent on the market today, and here’s why:

Messy Language

Our AI learns language the same way a child does and continues to evolve over time. Other solutions try to identify all possible entries to map to specific questions. Clinc’s tech is built on learning patterns in speech in order to recognize slang and determine what the user is asking through contextual clues.

Carrying Context & Conversational Healing 

There is no need for your customers to repeat themselves or answer the same question twice. While most solutions start at the top of a topic and flow in a predefined one-way direction to the final response, Clinc’s tech retains context and allows your customers to jump around as they provide information and ask questions – supporting change to information provided (like dates, locations, amounts, accounts, etc.) at any point of the conversation as if they were talking to a human. 

Quick to Implement, Easy to Integrate

You don’t have time to do any heavy lifting when it comes to implementing a self-service solution quickly. Clinc can integrate with your existing digital channels quickly so you can open up automated communication channels with your customers as soon as possible. 

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