American Banker Highlights Clinc’s Conversational AI for COVID

Conversational AI companies like Clinc are rapidly developing solutions to meet the needs of banking customers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, American Banker highlighted Clinc’s efforts to deliver COVID-19 centric bots for our financial customers. 

On the increased use of digital banking since COVID-19, here’s what Clinc had to say:

“Even those customer population segments that have not been using digital banking are being forced to use it now,” said Kyle Hellsten, vice president of product at Clinc, a conversational AI software provider. “Every one of our customers is making a lot of effort to make sure customers are aware of self-service options. Part of that digital strategy includes conversational AI.”

As Hellsten alluded to, banks are now working to stand up bots within their digital banking platforms in order to better serve their customers.

“Similarly, Clinc is building ‘COVID bots’ to address common questions that have come up among its banks’ contact centers and in conversations with our prebuilt virtual assistant, including those about branch hours and payment assistance.

…The bots are customizable. Clinc creates AI models to understand different topics and make inferences, and works with its bank clients to come up with appropriate responses.

So far, Clinc is designing these bots for a top-five and a top-10 bank in the U.S., as well as one international client.”

As the article concludes, Clinc and others in the industry recognize the value conversational AI can add to existing bank offerings, “ they refine their tools and financial institutions sign on, customers will be better served than waiting on hold.

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