Teaching Kids the Imitation Game: The Importance of Educating Students about Artificial Intelligence

Teaching Kids the Imitation Game: The Importance of Educating Students about Artificial Intelligence Albert Lee knows a

Clinc Wins AI Breakthrough Award for Best Natural Language Generation Platform

Conversational AI technology leader Clinc today announced its virtual assistant platform has been named the winner of the AI

The Truth About 3 Common Conversational AI Myths

When researching a conversational AI platform for your business, it can be hard to decipher what quality platforms look

Clinc’s Tech, İşbank’s Maxi Featured in American Banker

Clinc customer İşbank - Turkey’s largest private bank - and their virtual assistant Maxi were recently highlighted in a

Financial Institutions Can Connect with Consumers via Conversational Banking Capability from Fiserv

Financial institutions can engage consumers in new ways with a just-launched conversational banking capability from Fiserv,

İşbank’s Virtual Assistant Maxi Has Responded to More Than 1 Million Customer Inquiries Related To COVID-19

Turkey’s largest private bank İşbank’s virtual assistant Maxi, available on mobile banking and payment apps İşCep

Finie: Experience The Clinc Difference

In the demo below, you can get a first-hand look at the superiority of Clinc’s virtual assistant Finie versus a leading

American Banker Highlights Clinc’s Conversational AI for COVID

Conversational AI companies like Clinc are rapidly developing solutions to meet the needs of banking customers in the wake

No Longer A Luxury, 78% of Companies Say AI is a Necessity

According to Canam Research’s new report, 78 percent of companies using call centers in the U.S. report plans to deploy

How to Create AI Assistants Using a Conversational AI Platform

According to research, the conversational AI market is expected to grow from $3.79 billion in 2018 to $19.63 billion in

Clinc’s Groundbreaking $52 Million Series B

Two weeks ago, Clinc made AI history. We announced our $52 million Series B, which is the largest single investment in the

Talking Conversational AI and Fintech with Benzinga

Artificial intelligence still gives off Futurama vibes for some people. But the fact is that AI is found in almost all

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While the word “chatbot” only entered the common vernacular in the 1990s (chat + bot), the technology was actually

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More than 2 billion people are using chat platforms. More than 100 million homes contain a smart speaker. And, nearly

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If you’re like me, you’ve probably found yourself talking to your phone more than talking on itlately. I ask it to

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How many times have you talked to Siri, Google, or Alexa today? If you’re like the majority of consumers, you’re

8 Keys to a Successful Conversational AI Deployment

So, you’re thinking about introducing a conversational AI project into your business? There’s a multitude of ways you

Clinc Launches Second Largest Mobile Banking Voice Assistant in the World

Today, Clinc is proud to announce that we have launched the second largest mobile-banking voice assistant in the world,

Beyond Chatbots, Can Voice Deliver?

It’s hardly a secret that consumers are demanding more from chatbots. They want faster, more accurate responses, and an

Clinc AI: Year in Review

2017 ushered in a new era, an era in which widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence became not only a reality, but in

AI, Customer Experience and Fintech Innovation

Money 20/20 US, the world’s largest payments and fintech conference, drew more than 11,000 financial leaders and

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Chatbots have exploded in popularity as a multi-industry, enterprise solution over the last few years. But despite their

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New technologies are rapidly becoming more and more recognized by bank executives as both a major value-add for customer

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Banks have changed dramatically over the past several decades, and so have the temperaments of the generations who have used