Clinc’s Conversational AI Delivers Unparalleled Customer Engagement For Banks

Clinc’s Conversational AI Delivers Unparalleled Customer Engagement For Banks

Customer engagement. It’s what every bank is prioritizing in 2017.

In KPMG’s report “Banking Outlook: An Industry at a Pivot Point.”, they highlight the importance of connecting with customers in today’s climate:

“In our view, few mandates are more important to the banking industry right now than a relentless attention to connecting with customers as a means of building new revenue streams.”

So in order to drive customer engagement, one must look at what customers want. Multiple studies show the same essential characteristics that customers desperately want from their banks:

Clinc’s Conversational AI

Clinc’s conversational AI delivers in spades on every one of these desires. When FI’s integrate our technology, their customers can ask any question, worded any way they want, and our technology will not only understand, it will provide them with instant access to extraordinary financial insights.

No Rules, Just Talk

Unlike chatbots and rule-based offerings, Clinc doesn’t force its users to speak in certain ways. No rules, just talk naturally. No more thinking about how to word a question in order to be understood. We erase the challenge of “What should I say?” from customers’ minds.

Understanding complicated requests is only half of the puzzle. Clinc’s cutting-edge technology analyzes the user’s financial information and responds with remarkably intuitive answers. No other conversational AI on the market makes its users feel so understood.

The Clinc team is beyond excited to be building the next generation of conversational AI. We’re passionate about challenging the status quo and making the best possible product we can. 

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