Clinc Launches Second Largest Mobile Banking Voice Assistant in the World

Clinc Launches Second Largest Mobile Banking Voice Assistant in the World

Today, Clinc is proud to announce that we have launched the second largest mobile-banking voice assistant in the world, with İşbank, the largest private bank in Turkey, to over 6 million  mobile users.

Powered by our world-class conversational AI, the new app named ‘Maxi’ offers İşbank customers a voice-­activated intelligent personal assistant that is able to answer financial questions unique to each individual user, to offer personalized spending advice, and to fulfill any banking task. Based on the total number of users, İşbank’s ‘Maxi’ is second only to Bank of America’s ‘Erica’.

Using Clinc’s self-service AI platform, İşbank built an unprecedented conversational AI experience from the ground up in native Turkish. The robust platform which leverages our novel machine learning infrastructure and technology, includes a suite of intuitive tools and workflows that enabled İşbank to rapidly build, configure and deploy a sophisticated and engaging conversational AI experience for its customers.

Maxi gives İşbank’s mobile banking customers quicker access to personal financial information and a better understanding of their finances and spending habits, while saving them time and increasing their efficiency.

İşbank’s mobile banking customers can now converse with their bank account in a natural and conversational way with no special keywords or templated questions to learn. Using their voice, customers can:

  • Check balances and spending history
  • Transfer money
  • Review Transactions
  • Receive Spending Advice

“We are so happy to be offering our customers such cutting-edge technology and to be making banking easier and more fun with our best in class mobile banking app, IsCep” said Halim Memiş, Channel Strategy Unit Manager at the İşbank Digital Banking Division.

“We believe in the importance of Conversational AI and chose Clinc because of their platform’s Natural language processing capabilities in English. While creating a first of its kind native language solution had its challenges, training the platform in Turkish and integrating it to our mobile banking application was smooth with their support and easy to use training process as well as robust conversational capabilities.”

İşbank also plans to integrate our AI into additional customer support channels including its IVR call center, which will enable its representatives to provide quicker and more accurate responses to customer inquiries made over the phone.

“This is the first time that conversational AI has been deployed in Turkey, and we are incredibly proud of our partnership with İşbank and the remarkable solution they’ve created for their customers with our technology,” said Dr. Jason Mars, CEO of Clinc. “Because our AI learns new languages in a neural network way without hardcoding new rules and grammar, banks can quickly build and deploy in over 80 languages.”

The Clinc Conversational AI Platform utilizes sophisticated natural language processing engines, machine learning and deep neural networks to emulate human intelligence. Unlike bots and other AI solutions that simply convert speech to text and find the closest matching answer from a limited set of hard-coded responses.

We have a unique, patented ability to extract context and intent from natural speech, in any language. By identifying and analyzing dozens of factors like speech patterns, word structure and sentiment, Clinc is able to understand, to remember and to respond to unconstrained, contextual, messy human language. Our AI allows for follow up questions and draws from each new experience to automatically learn and expand its knowledge on its own as time goes on.

These groundbreaking features are what ensured the success of our partnership with İşbank and we look forward to launching even more large-scale deployments in the coming months.

Check out Isbank’s commercial for Clinc’s AI in their app, Maxi, below.

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