A Platform Built for Excellence
The Most Natural Conversational AI on the Market

Deployed by the world’s largest Financial Institutions, Clinc's AI Platform empowers enterprises to create engaging and meaningful conversational experiences at your own terms.

The AI Platform's abundant knowledge base provides a wealth of documentation and training resources needed for self-service configuration.

Powerful Insights and Analytics

Our AI Platform's insights and analytics dashboard provides usages and engagement metrics across all digital channels and touch points.

Clinc AI Platform
Clinc AI Platform
A Better Way to Develop Conversational AI

The Self-Service AI Platform enables organizations to create astonishing conversational AI experiences without a technical background.

Rapid AI Training

• Powerful conversational and contextual awareness
• Sophisticated Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
• Timely, high quality onboarding

Enterprise Grade Management Tools

• Easy-to-build modularized training experience
• Authentications and security

Personalized and Highly Configurable

• Engage in unconstrained conversations
• Create a consistent experience across channels
• Deliver targeted communications in 80+ languages

Faster Time to Market
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Unique, Flexible Deployment

Choose between On-Premise or Cloud-Based deployment with data endpoint connection using RESTful JSON APIs

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Trusted by the world’s largest Financial Institutions

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Easily deploy your AI on any and all of your customers’ prefered channels