Clinc Wins AI Breakthrough Award for Best Natural Language Generation Platform

Conversational AI technology leader Clinc today announced its virtual assistant platform has been named the winner of the AI

Clinc’s Tech, İşbank’s Maxi Featured in American Banker

Clinc customer İşbank - Turkey’s largest private bank - and their virtual assistant Maxi were recently highlighted in a

Finie: Experience The Clinc Difference

In the demo below, you can get a first-hand look at the superiority of Clinc’s virtual assistant Finie versus a leading

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According to Canam Research’s new report, 78 percent of companies using call centers in the U.S. report plans to deploy

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Let's be honest. These are unprecedented times.  As the world struggles in the midst of COVID-19, we know many of you

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It all started in early 2010 when Apple purchased an app called Siri and soon after launched the voice assistant on iPhones

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According to research, the conversational AI market is expected to grow from $3.79 billion in 2018 to $19.63 billion in

Clinc’s Groundbreaking $52 Million Series B

Two weeks ago, Clinc made AI history. We announced our $52 million Series B, which is the largest single investment in the

Marketing Executive’s Guide to AI Assistants and Conversational UIs

As the world of marketing and customer service becomes increasingly automated, AI assistants (driven by artificial

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After launching our developer platform on the main stage of  TechCrunch Disrupt this September, it was a delight to host a

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Implementing a conversational AI offering can be an incredibly daunting challenge. From defining a use case, to selecting a

Our Financial Literacy Problem… And How AI Can Help

Americans are excellent readers. Well, pretty good readers anyway. Approximately 14% of U.S. adults still can’t read, but