Financial Services

Save Time for Customers & Employees

Empower your customers to get answers to their most frequent financial questions without the phone calls and endless searching through account details.

Surprise Them

Your customers will be blown away by the expectation-crushing AI that automates conversations in their channel of choice for voice and chat. Say no to simple chatbots that frustrate customers and start providing real conversations.

Increase Engagement to Boost Revenue

Our powerful and cutting edge customer experience is proven to increase customer acquisition. Leveraging data from our solution enables our clients to run targeted ads & provide tailored product recommendations.

Become the logical choice

Today's consumers expect digital solutions that simplify their lives. Leverage Clinc to provide an experience that positions your bank as the leader of innovation and customer support.


Jumpstart your financial services project with Finie - the financial genie.

Your bank can build directly atop Finie 2.0 to develop superior customer experiences and deploy rapidly. Customers will be impressed by your Virtual Assistant’s capabilities while enjoying natural, human-like interactions.

Clinc Excels

“Clinc is a company that excels in making that human-in-the-room experience. And that’s not easy, we’ve seen lots of other brands like Apple and Amazon that have deep pockets and have been trying to do that for a while.”

Top US Bank SVP

Are You Ready to Start Automating Digital Self-Service with the Most Robust AI Tech on the Market Today?

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