Why We Are Here

People need better personal intelligent assistance. In March 2015, Clarity Lab from the University of Michigan released the world’s first open source intelligent personal assistant Sirius (renamed to Lucida) on github, it was downloaded tens of thousands of times in the first few months of release. Lucida was created to democratize technologies held captive by the big cloud companies in the world.

We saw a need to bring real AI technology and systems research to everyone, and we knew it would take a special kind of company to build it. That’s why we founded Clinc.

The Team

Clinc Finie Clinc-Eco Jason Mars

Prof. Jason Mars

Co-founder & CEO

Jason is recognized as a Leading expert in the design of cross-layer systems for emerging cloud computing applications.

Clinc Finie Clinc-Eco Lingjia Tang

Prof. Lingjia Tang

Co-founder & CSO

Lingjia Tang is an assistant professor. Her publications on optimizing datacenter infrastructures are reported in Wired, The Registers and ACM tech news.

Clinc Finie Clinc-Eco Michael Laurenzano

Dr. Michael Laurenzano

Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Laurenzano's research focuses on efficient warehouse-scale architectures, compilers, and runtime systems.

Clinc Finie Clinc-Eco Johann Hauswald

Johann Hauswald

Co-Founder & VP Engineering

Johann's research focuses on system design for emerging workloads, low-power mobile processing, and computer vision.

Clinc Finie Clinc-Eco Wade Bonkowski

Wade Bonkowski

Software Engineer

Wade graduated from the University of Michigan with B.S. in Computer Science, he created optimal software solutions for large unexplored problems.

Clinc Finie Clinc-Eco Yiping Kang

Yiping Kang

Software Engineer

Yiping Kang is a software engineer at Clinc, focusing on Natural Language Processing, and a Ph.D. Candidate at UMich.

Clinc Finie Clinc-Eco

We believe smarter AI is rooted in technology and design.

Clinc Finie Clinc-Eco Yunqi Zhang

Yunqi Zhang

Software Engineer

Yunqi Zhang is a Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan. His research focuses on reducing tail latency and improving energy efficiency for warehouse-scale computers.

Clinc Finie Clinc-Eco Cody Cannon

Cody Cannon

Mobile Application Developer

Cody graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.S. in Computer Science. He is dedicated to his work and solving challenging problems.

Clinc Finie Clinc-Eco

Decisions depend on the best ideas.

Clinc Finie Clinc-Eco Parker Hill

Parker Hill

Software Engineer

Parker Hill is a Ph.D. student in the CSE department at the University of Michigan. His research focuses on compilers and the design of low level runtime systems.

Clinc Finie Clinc-Eco William Mars

William Mars

Operations Manager

Will is the operation manager with an Engineering mindset, he studies Machine Learning and Data Mining when he is not helping to make the office better.

Clinc Finie Clinc-Eco Lu Huang

Lu Huang

UX Designer

Lu graduated from the University of Michigan with M.S. in Information, specialized in Human-Computer Interaction, she is passionate of conversation design, UI Development, and design thinking.

Clinc Finie Clinc-Eco Stefan Larson

Stefan Larson

Software Engineer

Stefan receives his MSE degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan. He is a supporter of AFC Ann Arbor, UofM Football, and Crystal Palace FC.

Advisory Board

Clinc Finie Clinc-Eco Josh Silverman
Josh Silverman
Advisory Board

Josh Silverman

Josh Silverman is an entrepreneurial executive who has built and run some of the world's most loved consumer technology companies.