Become an Expert Conversational Designer with Clinc

We believe that the tools to design world-class conversational AI should be democratized for developer use. Start building with Clinc in a matter of minutes with our sophisticated AI Training Platform.


Developer Seat


  • Clinc AI Platform
  • Crowdsourcing credits included
  • Unlimited channels
  • Unlimited test queries
  • 5,000 production queries per month


  • Education Portal
  • 1 live session/week
  • Private knowledge portal
  • Developer Community
  • Certification Program


  • Unlimited production queries
  • On-premise or SaaS deployment
  • Professional Services
  • On-site Training Workshop


  • Unlimited Channels

    Deploy your virtual assistants on any channel, including mobile, web, alexa, google home, facebook messenger and more, all within our seamless personalities page. This provides the flexibility to tailor your experience to your preferred channels, without constraints.

  • Crowdsourcing Credits

    Free crowdsourcing enables you to quickly and efficiently derive sample utterances from the crowd, drastically reducing the length of the data curation process.

  • Unlimited Test Queries

    Unlimited test queries give you the freedom and flexibility to ensure you’ve built a robust, well trained AI.

  • Clinc AI Platform

    Gain access to the world’s most sophisticated AI training platform to build next-generation conversational experiences, superior to those built on Google Assist. Design conversational flows that can handle an unlimited number of turns, and easily create an AI that can comprehend messy, unconstrained, human language.


  • 1 Live Training Session/Week

    Weekly training webinars tailored to the specific needs of our developers, led by Clinc’s expert engineering staff of PhDs in computer science, AI and machine learning.

  • Education Portal

    Everything you need to get up to speed on conversational AI design. Basic tutorials, platform walk-throughs, comprehensive documentation and videos.

  • Private Knowledge Portal

    Get exclusive access to our advanced training materials with deeper dives into the computational theory behind the platform and the latest techniques in machine learning and AI.

  • Developer Community

    Join our global community of developers to share ideas, information and FAQs to build world class conversational AI, together, on Clinc.