Clinc for Automotive

Clinc for Automotive

Clinc's conversational AI for automotive empowers users to seamlessly inquire about, interact with, and utilize the technological capabilities within their car, through voice.

Maintain adoption and satisfaction by delivering a seamless conversational AI experience within the car

Easily educate users on how to operate new features

Communicate the functionality of advanced controls and new technology within your vehicles

Deliver an advanced technological experience within the car that is simple and easy to use



Customers can interact with their in-car assistant freely, using unconstrained and messy language to control lane keep assist, adjust adaptive cruise control, check fuel mileage and more.


of car buyers were aware of ADAS features, but only 30% percent had tried or experienced them.

McKinsey & Co, Jan 2016


of car buyers who used their ADAS features would buy them again.

The Drive, January 2018


5 year compound annual growth rate in the connected car market

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