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Clinc for Healthcare

Clinc is empowering doctors and improving patient experiences with our conversational AI for healthcare. Our virtual assistants take the tediousness out of transcription, enable more natural patient/doctor interactions and improve the accuracy and efficiency of first-responders.

Use Cases

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Clinc's AI listens to a patient undergo a RACE stroke evaluation and immediately classifies and scores their responses. Our multi-intent utterance segmentation enables the doctor to have a natural interaction with their patients while the AI identifies the relevant information to quickly and more accurately diagnose the stroke.
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Clinc's AI can listen to a first responder arrive at a scene and assess a patient, record all the information applicable to the patient's care, and automatically pass it on to the nearest hospital. This facilitates a seamless and precise handoff from the EMT to the emergency room.
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Clinc’s intelligent live transcription can listen to any doctor/patient interaction to classify and record only the pieces of the conversation that are relevant to the patient’s health or diagnosis. This prevents scribes from missing key information while also enabling doctors to focus on giving quality care to their patients, rather than focusing on tedious administrative tasks.

Revolutionizing Healthcare:
Multi-Intent Segmentation Technology

Clinc’s virtual assistants with Multi-Intent Segmentation technology capture only the relevant information from doctor-patient consultations in a clinic or emergency room, without any constraints on conversation length. Unlike most turn-based AI solutions that typically limit the time for a single utterance, Clinc’s voice assistant is able to classify limitless intents in long utterances.
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Reduction in calls to offices after implementing recorded appointments.
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Accuracy of Clinc's NLU.
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Amount of information patients forget after a visit.

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