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Why They Chose Clinc

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Unrivaled Experience

Clinc’s cutting-edge approach to natural language processing, machine learning and dialogue management deliver an unprecedented conversational experience.

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Dramatic Cost Reduction

Implementing Clinc’s AI results in significant deflection of calls to your call center and enables the seamless integration of cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

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Rapid Speed to Market

The Clinc AI Platform has enabled our clients to bring enterprise-grade AI to production, quickly, with massive consumer adoption.

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Clinc's Scientific Breakthrough in

Virtual Assistant

Clinc’s team of University of Michigan professors and PhDs have revolutionized the field of NLU. Our contextual, top down approach enables free form dialogue and contextual flexibility. Learning only from human examples, our AI understands messy and unconstrained language while handling complex conversational flows.

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Imagine an AI That Feels Like a

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Perfected for the Enterprise

The World’s
Most Sophisticated
Conversational AI Platform

Clinc’s intuitive platform provides an all in-one workspace for developing and deploying enterprise-grade conversational AI. Utilizing our advanced AI and Machine Learning models, unique approach to dialog management, automated testing suites, and build-once, deploy all deployment system, it’s the most comprehensive platform for building remarkable conversational AI experiences.

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Proven Success in Production

Unprecedented Customer Adoption

Typical technology rollouts observe steep initial increases in usage followed by a sharp decline and plateau. Clinc shatters this expectation with our conversational AI in production, with not only the number of users steadily growing month over month, but the number of interactions per user as well.

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