Clinc for Gaming

The New Frontier of Conversational UX

Clinc's conversational UX creates a natural language enabled gaming experience without pre-scripted or learned commands. We help studios and publishers deliver a superior gaming experience that reduces the complexity of complicated features with a conversational UI you don't need to learn how to talk to.

Use Cases

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Push the boundaries of accessibility and unlock the potential for an entirely new demographic by voice-enabling your games for players who are unable to use traditional controls.

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In-Game AI

Clinc's advanced in-game conversational companion is like having a game expert available to your players at all times, making your games easier and more efficient to navigate.

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On-Boarding, Navigation & Menus

Streamline the on- boarding experience to make your games more approachable, cut down the time it takes to get new players fully integrated into your game and reduce the complexity of navigation with Voice UX.

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In-Game Customer Service:

Quickly resolve any game issue with our virtual assistant for game customer service. From missing inventory to server downtime and bug reporting, there are no problems our
AI-powered customer service rep can't solve.

The Future of Gaming is Here

Our UI understands slang, context, and words it's never heard before to help players quickly execute tasks that were previously disruptive to the gaming experience.

Game Interaction

Let's Transform Gaming



Giving your players constant access to information through voice makes the gaming experience less complicated and easier to navigate.



Clinc's conversational UX can be applied internally to expedite the game creation process, revolutionizing the way games are made.


More Accurate

The Clinc AI Platform successfully classifies intent 99% of the time, making it the most accurate NLU engine in gaming.

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