Clinc Game-On

Clinc is hosting the world's first-ever, virtual conversational UX hackathon for gaming. Sign up to get updates on dates, prizes, and qualification criteria.

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Build on the Clinc AI Platform

Clinc Game-On grants you limited-time, exclusive access to build on the world's most sophisticated conversational AI/UX platform. Powered by our sophisticated machine learning models, you'll compete to build the best, next-generation conversational gaming experience.

Design an In-Game AI Companion

You'll be competing to design an in-game AI companion. This assistant will be a game-expert your players have available to them at all times; powered by Clinc's NLU and built by you.

Learn Conversational Design from the Brightest Minds in Academia

The Clinc team has over 10 PhDs who have pioneered the field of conversational AI and conversational design.
By participating in the hackathon, you'll receive virtual hands-on training from experts in the industry.

2019 Judges:

World Leading Scientists in AI

Dr. Jason Mars
Dr. Jason Mars

Dr. Jason Mars, is a professor of computer science at the University of Michigan. Jason conducts collaborative research with IBM Watson, Google, Facebook, Intel and the National Science Foundation and has devoted his career to solving real world problems with AI.
Dr. Lingjia Tang
Dr. Lingjia Tang

Dr. Lingjia Tang is a professor of Computer Science at The University of Michigan whose research is widely recognized and respected in the academic community. Lingjia has published over 18 major papers in her career.
Dr. Michael Laurenzano
Dr. Michael Laurenzano

Dr. Michael Laurenzano received his PhD in Computer Science from The University of Michigan, and has had over 40 research papers published during his career.
Dr. Johann Hauswald
Dr. Johann Hauswald

Dr. Johann Hauswald received his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from The University of Michigan, during which, he earned national attention for his creation of Sirius, (now Lucida) the
open-source intelligent personal assistant, that he built entirely from the ground up.