Automate Customer Communication without Sacrificing Experience

Amidst this global crisis, call center volumes are surging, employees are overwhelmed, and customers are trying, unsuccessfully, to get in contact with their bank.

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Containment Rate
95% Containment Rate
Customer Satisfaction
82% Customer Satisfaction
End Users
In production with over 10 million financial services end-users

Your customers will only be satisfied with automated digital self-service if it’s as robust as talking to a human in the room.

Clinc’s pre-built, out of the box offering is tailor-made for financial services, can plug into your existing channels immediately, and most importantly, will provide your customers with an experience that they can trust and enjoy.

We provide remarkable, new self-service options while supplementing the digital offerings you’ve already put in place, be it mobile, alexa, facebook messenger, google business chat, or digital IVR.

Why are we different?

We have the most conversational virtual agent on
the market today

Messy Language

Our AI learns patterns in speech to recognize slang and understand contextual clues. This means your customers can speak to it like they would speak to a human, messy, natural and conversationally.

Carrying Context &
Conversational Healing

Clinc’s tech retains context, enabling your users to change information they've provided (dates, locations, amounts, accounts, etc.) at any point in the conversation.

Quick to Implement,
Easy to Integrate

Clinc can integrate with your existing digital channels quickly and easily so you can open up automated communication channels with your customers as soon as possible.

Our out-of-the-box offering comes complete with:

  • Check Current Balances
  • Review Transactions
  • Get Bank Hours
  • Transfer Funds
  • Update Account Info
  • Lookup Payments Due
  • Make a Payment
  • Dispute Transaction
  • Report a Lost / Stolen Card
  • Electronic Banking Options
  • How to Enroll in Online Banking
  • Review Transactions
  • Bank Contact Options
  • Set up online Bill Payment
  • Setup Overdraft Protection
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