June 25, 2019

Clinc and Olive Partner to Bring Conversational AI to Healthcare

While new technologies continue to transform the healthcare industry in unprecedented ways, administrative functions still burden the healthcare industry with 1 in every 3 dollars spent on administration.  Clinc, the world’s most sophisticated conversational AI has joined forces with Olive, the company that introduced healthcare’s first digital employee, to free up time and resources by adding conversational AI capabilities to its existing technology. The combined offering enables Olive’s digital healthcare employee with the most advanced voice capabilities to bring hospitals and health systems broader applications across revenue cycle, supply chain and other financial and operational departments.

Clinc’s superior natural language processing expands the versatility of Olive by unlocking a broader range of capabilities like vocal cognition to further help organizations eliminate bottlenecks, simplify administration, keep costs in check and ultimately improve the experience for patients.

Olive’s existing technology has put the digital healthcare employee to work on back-office functions spanning repetitive, time-consuming, and error-prone administrative tasks like claims processing, prior authorization statusing, and extracting patient data from EHRs. Working with Clinc, Olive will add vocal cognition to her current skill set to deliver a balanced mix of AI capabilities including RPA, CV, ML, and NLP/U to propel new opportunities for optimization and end-to-end automation for the AI-powered digital employee. This represents a pivotal milestone in the advancement of human and machine interaction in healthcare.

With these amplified capabilities, Olive and Clinc are poised to create major improvements in healthcare, for example:

  • Comprehensive automations – Adding Clinc’s conversational AI to Olive’s skill set means that Olive can trigger and complete additional actions and connect steps in the information process that would have required human intervention before. For example, when a diagnosis code is incorrect or missing information on a claim, Olive will find the right data through a dialogue with patients, physicians and nurses.

  • Customer services in call centers –  Clinc brings our ability to take on high call volumes, understand freeform speech, maintain context, and simultaneously parse out inquiries and commands. This will be a breakthrough in areas like patient scheduling.

“This added technology helps us expand our breadth of AI by adding cognitive conversation to Olive’s capabilities,” said Sean Lane, CEO of Olive. “I envision Olive seamlessly interacting with patients and employees and bringing elevated comprehension into data analysis. We’re excited to be entering a new chapter in building a faster, more efficient, more effective healthcare system — the possibilities are endless.”

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of Clinc’s record $52M in our Series B funding round led by investors from Insights Partners, DFJ Growth, Drive Capital and Hyde Park Venture Partners. Drive Capital has also led previous funding rounds for Olive, and made their first investment in the organization in 2013. To date, Clinc has applied natural language understanding technology to a myriad of industries, including the financial, automotive, and food service sectors, but our latest round of funding is earmarked for expanding to new markets including healthcare.

“The market is demanding experiences that approach human-level understanding; that’s where Clinc comes in,” said Jason Mars, CEO of Clinc. “We’re thrilled to apply our groundbreaking technology to a space as important as people’s health and wellbeing with a partner as impressive as Olive. Clinc’s core value is to improve lives and together with Olive we’re pushing the boundaries of technology to usher in a new future of healthcare aligned with that vision.

“By bringing together two complementary, AI based technologies, the Clinc and Olive collaboration is poised to supercharge our digital workforce’s automation capabilities and shift the paradigm for how administrative work in healthcare is done,” added Lane.

To learn more about Clinc and Olive visit www.clinc.com and www.oliveai.com.

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About Clinc

Clinc is the leading global provider of conversational artificial intelligence technologies for companies like USAA, İşbank, Barclays and others. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the company was founded in 2015 by world-class AI and systems research professor at the University of Michigan. Utilizing the world’s most sophisticated natural language processing engine and the most advanced scientific discoveries in AI research, Clinc’s AI emulates human intelligence and is able to understand unstructured, unconstrained speech, and can interpret not only semantics and intent, but the underlying meaning of user queries.  Learn more at clinc.com.

About Olive

Olive is deploying the first digital workforce built specifically for healthcare, automating healthcare’s most robotic processes, so human employees don’t have to. Olive delivers healthcare organizations improved efficiency and speed while reducing costly administrative errors. Using the systems an organization already has in place, Olive operates as a digital employee intelligently routing information and data between systems automating repetitive, high-volume tasks and workflows, providing true interoperability. Olive is proud to partner with over 50 healthcare organizations made up of nearly 350 facilities in over 35 states across the country, ranging from some of the nation’s top health systems to small regional hospitals.

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