The Enterprise Grade AI Platform That Simplifies Your Customers' Lives

Groundbreaking AI Technology

Our dynamic AI Engines employ the most advanced conversational technology on the market today.

Omni-Channel, Cross-Platform

Superpower your conversational experiences, including mobile, web, IVR, messengers, and chat bots.

Fast, Simple and Secure Deployment

Integrate with Clinc using on-premise, private or public cloud installation and let our engineers do all the work.

Robust Suite of Management Tools

Complete with analytics, system administration tools, and a cutting-edge conversational AI training platform.
Comprehensive AI technology
The Most Innovative, Advanced Conversational AI for Finance

Classification and Slot-Value Pairing

The Clinc AI Platform uses cutting-edge neural network to uncover important relationships between the words of a query and identifies a user’s intent with high confidence. It also extracts key pieces of information from a user’s query utterance, such as merchant names, specific accounts, and spendable items. The engine has been trained on a wide variety of examples, allowing it to learn how to understand utterances and extract information it has never even seen before.

Powerful Understanding of Words and Context

Word Context Analysis

The Word Context Analysis engine transforms words into a high-dimensional mathematical space based on their semantic meaning. Working within this high-dimensional space allows our Word Context Analysis engine to perform mathematical operations on word representations, enabling the Clinc AI Platform to better understand the semantic similarity or dissimilarity between words and concepts. This engine frees our technology from being keyword-based, thus facilitating the use of unconstrained natural language when interacting with the system.

Automated Insights and Analytics

Data-Driven Insights

The Clinc AI Platform provides a Data Insights Analytics engine capable of extracting patterns and structure out of a user’s transactional data. This engine uses online machine learning and pattern recognition techniques to understand a user’s transaction history to deliver automated insights and analytics directly to the user.

A Conversational Neural Network of Sentiment Analysis

Convolutional Neural Network Based Sentiment

Characterizes the emotion embedded in natural language to better understand customer attitude and mood when interacting with the system.

Superpower your conversational experiences, including mobile, web, IVR, messengers, and chat bots.

Understand Customer Behavior

Analytics dashboards and detailed query logs provide a holistic view of customer activity

Customize AI & User Experience

Customization tools segment your user base and allow personalization of user experience

Continually Improve Your AI

Add new competencies with our comprehensive training platform, complete with crowdsourcing tools

On-Site Training

Our engineering team delivers workshops and tutorials right to you, maximizing the impact of the Clinc AI Platform for your institution
The Clinc Difference: Rapid & Secure Deployment
Once you’ve chosen our platform, our team of expert engineers will quickly and securely integrate our AI into your infrastructure, so you don’t have to.
Our preventative, detective and responsive security mechanisms integrate directly into your infrastructure to ensure privacy, anonymity and data integrity. Our authentication, transport layer security and secure socket layer protocols ensure your customer’s information is always protected.
Our APIs and SDKs enable easy deployment (in as quickly as 9 days), continuous integration support, and complete customizability across all customer touchpoints.

After our smooth integration process, your customers can transact, inquire about spending habits and account balances, access market trend analyses, gain insights for future spending, and receive 24/7 “human-free” customer service support.
Our expert team of engineers focus their efforts on you, delivering on-site training, continuous integration support, and even assist in building new competencies, consistently improving the experiences of your customers.

Our AI is an expert in financial services, because it’s trained like one. Our platform delivers unprecedented banking knowledge in personal financial management, wealth management, and customer service.