Clinc Eco

Built on top of the ground-breaking Lucida project, Clinc Eco is an ecosystem of AI engines that harnesses the best scientific discoveries in AI to provide a multifaceted platform for realizing sophisticated intelligences. Clinc Eco is comprised of 5 distinct AI engines, each fueled by state-of-the-art biologically-inspired neural network models and techniques. When composed together, these 5 engines represent a unified brain that is co-designed and co-trained to solve our hardest problems.


No hardcoded rules. Like the human brain, Clinc Eco continually learns from experience.


New capabilities and competencies can be added to the intelligence rapidly by feeding Clinc Eco new experiences.

Next Generation

Built on Lucida's state-of-the-art cloud microservice technology, Clinc Eco is always on and highly scalable.